I’d like to say that I’m getting annoyed with all the numbness I have – in my hands, feet, and now tongue – but the reality is that I’m actually getting a bit worried. The whole fingers and toes going numb thing seemed pretty common when I googled it, with a whole list of possible explanations. It’s annoying but I’ve gotten used to it. But last night, during my short (and fast) crit race, I got scared because for the first time my TONGUE went numb. Out of no where, right after the start of the race my tongue went numb and my mouth felt cold. Keep in mind, this is in feels-like 100 degree weather and 100 percent Houston humidity. So the “cold weather” explanation just doesn’t work for me. Why ???

Another note- I pushed the numbness panic to the back of my mind and raced my heart out for the next 25 minutes. Then, three laps to go, I got a wave of dizziness and my body just couldn’t go anymore. I got overheated and dropped from the lead pack, finishing behind them for 8th place.  After consistently strong racing this year, and a really hot road race this past weekend in the middle of the day, why couldn’t I handle the (slightly tamer) heat and humidity of a 5pm race?? After I finished, I sat for about 15 minutes boiling and could taste blood in my throat… From shallow breathing I guess.  

Not feeling great about last night. I already know I have iron anemia, but I want another clue as to why I get all of these numbness symptoms.  Anyone else experience this, or know how I can correctly diagnose the problem?


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